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MAT Control

Laboratory for the Preparation of
Quality Control Materials

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Dept. Química Analítica
Facultat de Química
Universitat de Barcelona
Av. Diagonal, 647
08028 Barcelona
Telf. 93 4037274
Fax. 93 4021233

The laboratory has been set up according to European standards, in three areas.

Preparation area:

Equipped to carry out pre-treatment processes with large volumes of sample:

  • Drying system with computerised control
  • Freeze-drying
  • Grinding and sieving

Homogenisation area:

Equipped with mechanical systems for the homogenisation of solid and liquid materials.

Bottling area:

Equipped with systems for solid and liquid samples, with the possibility of bottling in different kinds of containers and under inert atmosphere.

Analytical control:

The analyses required in homogeneity and stability studies have the support and the facilities of the Analytical Chemistry Department and the Scientific-Technical Services of the University of Barcelona.